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Board of Directors

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada is governed by a Board of Directors. FLAP Canada's Board of Directors meet monthly to ensure the effective management of FLAP Canada. No Board director receives remuneration in his or her role as a director. The Board is composed of seven (7) leaders who bring a variety of talents, experiences and expertise to the governance of FLAP Canada.

Please direct any Board inquiries to Susan Krajnc at

Meet our (2017) current Board:

Dr. Erik P. Kremer, PhD, President
Past Secretary
Director since 2008

“The success of migratory birds is a strong indication of ecological health. With thoughtfulness, our urban environment can foster harmony along its margins with nature. Our ability to safeguard birds as they navigate through our cities is a measure of the health of our urban ecosystem and, ultimately, its sustainability. This is the mandate for FLAP Canada, and it’s the reason I volunteer my time and skills with them.”

Sylvia Kadlick, Vice-President
Past President
Director since 2006

“To me, environmental stewardship means having respect for our earth and all life on it. I’ve dedicated my volunteer Board efforts to FLAP Canada because I fully believe in its mission and am committed to ensuring its sustainability, and delivering positive partner and donor experiences.”

Karen McKillop, Treasurer
Director since 2007

“My relationship with FLAP Canada began in 2003; volunteering to do my small part in bird conservation—searching for migrating songbirds stunned, injured or killed by window-building collisions. I was compelled to expand my service through Board responsibilities that drew on my skills and financial insights to help steward the organization’s assets and chart a realistic and sound course to its future.”

Brett Tryon, Secretary
Director since 2012

“I’ve devoted my career to conservation. I spent many years monitoring migratory birds, and as an artist, I am inspired by their beauty and diversity. I volunteer on the board of FLAP Canada because the organization spearheaded the movement to make buildings safer for birds. As cities continue to grow, their work is increasingly important.”

Mary Li, Director
Director since 2012

“We are more whole when our built and natural worlds are in balance. Sometimes we forget we too are part of nature. FLAP Canada understands this interconnection and advocates safe passage of migratory birds through built environments. I volunteer my skills in research and planning to FLAP’s Board because I want to play a role in ensuring our built world thrives in harmony with the natural, and birds are a precious part of that balance.”

Bob Alsip, Director
Director since 2017

“Over the past ten years, I’ve volunteered my business acumen with FLAP Canada to develop bird collision reduction solutions and devise market strategies for its BirdSafe® standards and building risk assessment services. Not only does Board service allow me to further table my business management skills, FLAP’s mandate supports my personal commitment to bird preservation.”

David Lewis, Director
Director since 2017

“There are many reasons for the decline of songbird species in our cities. One of them is certainly the bird-building collision issue. Together with my concern for that, and personal interest in the health of our natural environment, I stepped up to Board service with FLAP Canada to volunteer my experience as an environmental consultant. It is also a way to support the organization’s strategic direction and growth.“