Welcome to FLAP Canada's Bird Migration Tracker * If you have difficulty viewing any of the information on this webpage, click "Reload" * Make your home, cottage and workplace safe for birds BEFORE they arrive this spring migration season * Spring bird migration: mid-March to the beginning of June; Fall bird migration: mid-August to mid-November * Peak bird migration periods: April, May, September, October
Weather temperature in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
FLAP Canada's Bird Migration Intensity Alert
Birds instinct to migrate is often influenced by sudden shifts in temperature, amount of available daylight, moon phases and when strong tail winds are present. Like Air Quality, Pollen Count and UV reports, the Tracker is a Bird Migration Intensity report that alerts you to the concentration of birds as they fly through the Great Lakes region. Alert levels are determined by the compilation of indicators displayed on this webpage. Turning lights out at night and treating windows during the day is imperative during Heavy to Extreme Intensity alerts.

Interpreting FLAP Canada's Bird Migration Intensity Alert Index