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Make your Building Bird Safe

Evaluating Attraction and Threat Factors Influencing Bird-Building Collisions

BirdSafe®:building standards and risk assessment—designed by subject expertise in science, biology, ornithology, architecture, engineering and bird conservation communications together with FLAP Canada—objectively assesses design features of a building for the risk it poses for bird-building collisions.

While it is true that all glass poses a risk to birds, some facades experience a much higher frequency of collisions than others. The purpose of an audit is to assess each building facade on its own merit based on regional, local and building factors to identify those that pose the greatest risk to birds. In this way, building owners can choose to address the risk of collisions on a select priority basis.

Our BirdSafe audit consists of:

  • onsite visit(s) by a trained FLAP Canada consultant who looks at factors that influence collisions and measures taken to deter birds from injuring themselves on the structure

  • a final confidential report includes ­recommendations on what needs to be done to remediate specific areas of the building on a priority basis

A nominal fee for service is charged by the consultant based on the number of facades being assessed. As the need for this services develops, FLAP Canada will set up and be training qualified assessors in Canada and the US.

To book an appointment, or for more information on how to make your building bird safe, please contact birdsafe@flap.org.

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